Black life: Impact of coal mining in Jharsuguda
Agricultural lands of thousands of people have been destroyed in Odisha and the growing need for power is trumping over the environment. Better regulation can help but it needs to happen soon.
2 Oct 2014
Work in progress in coal mines in Jharsuguda

"The agricultural production in our region has deteriorated due to pollution. Haphazard mining has lead to serious drinking water problems in the area", says Indar Bilas Shah, a 56- year old resident of Obada village, Lakhanpur block in Jharsuguda, Odisha. He's not the only one. Thousands of villagers in Jharsuguda echo these sentiments. 

Who's to blame?

Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd, which has engulfed thousands of acres of agricultural land to fulfil the power needs of the country. The rapid rate of iIndustrial growth in the country is now pushing the government to expand coal mining activities without consideration to the environment. 

The video titled 'Black Life: Impact of Coal Mining in Jharsuguda' gives an overview of the situation in Odisha.


View more photos of Coal Mines in Lakhanpur block, Jharsuguda.



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