Birla Corporation Ltd in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, undertakes water conservation efforts as a corporate initiative (2007)

Birla Corporation Ltd reduces its water consumption significantly by undertaking zero discharge concept, recycling & reuse of waste water

This presentation describes the efforts made by Birla Corporation Ltd at Satna, Madhya Pradesh at water conservation. At this cement major's plant in Satna, the employees and their families would seem to be among the key change makers, with domestic per capita drinking water consumption going down from 104.2 liters per person in 2003-'04 to just 56.6 in 2006-'07.

Reduction in specific water consumption for clinker operations surpasses benchmarks set by the Centre for Science and Environment and water use for power generation has also come down significantly. The company's quality circle teams includes one whose sole focus is water, with parameters being optimization in water consumption for industrial & domestic use, the zero discharge concept, recycling & reuse of waste water, water conservation, rainwater harvesting, improvement in water quality for specific uses, and addressing problems in water supply and treatment.

An interesting fact is that the company used Google Earth land elevation data to determine slopes and troughs for optimal water harvesting. The documentation also includes sample formats for monitoring & reporting that might be useful to others.

Download the presentation from below:


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