The Birdman of Chorao

Uday Mandrekar (Source: Shashank Bhosale)
Uday Mandrekar (Source: Shashank Bhosale)

Uday Mandrekar (40) is a popular boatman on the Chorao island of Goa. He is known for his formidable knowledge on birds in the area so much so that he is often referred to as the bird man of Chorao. He is a private boatman and a tourist guide who can take you deep into the mangroves and waterways of the island.

Chorao island is just five km away from the capital city of Panaji. Along the Mandovi river, it is one of the largest islands in Goa. The island has a unique ecosystem. It has one of the best mangrove forests and houses most of the mangrove species found in Goa.

Uday has dedicated his life towards protecting the flora and fauna of the island. During his bird watching trips, he educates tourists about the harmful effects of garbage on avian and aquatic life. On days when he is free, Mandrekar goes about cleaning the garbage thrown in the mangroves.

The film “Birdman of Chorao” by Shashank Bhosle was one among the selected documentary films that were screened during the eighth edition of Quotes from the Earthan Environmental Film Festival 2018 held at New Delhi from December 6-8. The film festival was organised by Toxics Link and India International Centre with support from the Swedish Society For Nature Conservation. The film is about Uday Mandrekar's efforts.

About the filmmaker:

Shashank Bhosley is a passionate photographer and an award-winning filmmaker who endeavours to raise awareness on environmental issues through his photographs and films.










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