Biological toilets: Convert human waste into non contaminating, non toxic water using multi strain bacteria culture

Author : Stone Bio Tech Pvt Ltd

Biological Toilet

We recently developed Biological Toilets which convert human waste into non contaminating, non toxic water through application of multi strain bacteria culture in a Bio digester tank. There is no need for septic tank, sewage line, or regular sludge removal system.

  • It eliminates open defecation
  • Cost savings on expenses on building of septic tank, sewage line, waste disposal and  sludge removal
  • Eliminates spread of many diseases due to open defecation
  • It is water positive; it releases more water as human waste converts to water
  • It requires less water for flushing and thus contribute to water preservation

There are portable solo units and trailer units with and without flush system. These bio toilets can also be permanently made of bricks and mortar with this in-build technology.

The following facilities required at installed site for the usage:
a) Water arrangement for use & flushing of bio toilet
b) Drainage piping with accessories for the bio-toilet water discharge
c) Drainage outlet for the Effluent discharge facility
d) Electricity point for the operation of bio-digester tank, lights





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