Relief in the time of flood

Pahleja Ghat on the Hajipur-Sonepur road submerged in water.
Pahleja Ghat on the Hajipur-Sonepur road submerged in water.

Bihar is India's most flood-prone state, with 76 percent of the population in north Bihar living under the recurring threat of floods. North Bihar is home to eight major rivers, all of which end up in the Ganges. These rivers, originating in the highest regions of Nepal, reaches the plains of Bihar rapidly and forcefully, causing much damage to the state during heavy rains. Before the memories of the devastation the flood in 2008 unleashed in Bihar could completely fade away, 2016 brought in more floods and deaths related to it with the last count putting the death toll at 222. Here are some visuals from the flood in Bihar from Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad (BJUP), a grassroot organisation in Bihar, that is bringing relief to the flood-ravaged areas.

Musahar Toli of Chittarbigha village, Patna. Kuccha houses of the village were all damaged in the floods, rendering the community helpless. Here, they have set up makeshift shelters by the side of the road.

The entire community of Bind Toli of the LCT Ghat in Patna district was shifted to the Bihar Vidhya Pith relief camp after the recent floods.

Children from Mainpura gram panchayat, Patna, drink milk provided by BJUP (Bihar Sharif), Arghyam (Bengaluru) and BVHA (Patna).

The overflowing river Punpun in Patna.

Cattle of the Rajendra Ghat, Patna, stranded on Ganga Island.

Jab Lal Mehto looks worried about the grasslands that have been destroyed by the floods. People like him from the village Qutubpur on the island on the other side of the bank have to make the treacherous crossing across the Ganges.

The genereral secretary of BJUP at Digha at the ITI relief camp in Patna.

General Secretary (BJUP) distributes relief items at the Chittarbigha village in Patna.

BJUP project coordinator talks to the families from the flood-affected area of the LCT Ghat, Patna.

People of Qutubpur village, affected by the floods, have spent eight days at the relief camp of the Baburpur school, Bhojpur.

Children of Qutubpur village, Bhojpur, wait for help.

People of Paheleja Ghat village, Hajipur, wait in line for relief.

Volunteers of BJUP load relief items for Qutubpur village of Baburpur, Bhojpur.

BJUP project coordinator talks with affected people at the Bihar Vidhya Peeth relief camp, Patna.


Bihar Flood Management Information System


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