Bihar Flood: Information Services

The images provided by the FMIS and the Government of Bihar Disaster management Department provides an analysis on the flood situation.
  • Image and Content Courtesy: FMIS & Govt of Bihar Disaster Management Department .
  • The Disaster Management Department of the Govt. of Bihar has a website providing detailed analysis, statistics related to the current flood situation. Access here.
  • Details regarding affected districts are available here, Click here .
  • Break up of Defence Forces and others involved in relief work:
  • A daily bulletin on the Rainfall Position, Flood Affected Areas and Extent of Damage is also available here.
  • The Flood Management Information System introduces the extensive use of modern information technologies to collate and dispense information in mission critical situationsThe above image is interactive on the FMIS site, current inundation levels of various districts is as indicated in the following images. District:Araria araria11.jpg District: Bhagalpur bhagalpur12.jpg District: Katihar katihar1.jpg District: Khagaria khagaria1.jpg District: Madhepura madhepura11.jpg District: Purnia purnia1.jpg District: Saharsa District: Supaul



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