Ashok Leyland, Bangalore, undertakes water related corporate initiative (2007)

Ashok Leyland, Bangalore, undertakes efforts to reduce water usage in technical processes of vehicle manufacturing along with water related project initiatives

Ashok Leyland, India's second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has worked on both technical process water use reductions and water related project area CSR initiatives.

The former include recycling of cabin leak test spray water, reuse of RO reject water as scrubber wash water, recirculation of water from rinse operations in the degreasing and phosphating process, reduction of water through flow control techniques, conversion of pump glands to mechanical seals to eliminate water leaks and reduction of evaporation loss in the cooling tower by optimization of its operations.

Among the latter are the construction of check dams, the use of water from storm water drains, the conversion of culverts into storage ponds, using sprinklers for garden watering, providing push cock taps in place of angle cock, changing long body taps in wash basins to foam type taps and the introduction of sensor taps for hand washing. As a result of rain water harvesting projects, the ground water table has improved significantly, and a hitherto depleted open well started yielding 100kl/day. An interesting point is that water consumption is monitored on an hourly basis by the workers themselves.

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