Ancient ingenuity in rainwater harvesting techniques | Anupam Mishra's legacy

Explore the legacy of Anupam Mishra and his remarkable work to preserve India's traditional rainwater harvesting techniques.
28 Oct 2011
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Video Courtesy : The Water Channel



To promote smart water management, Anupam Mishra works to preserve rural India’s traditional rainwater harvesting techniques.

Anupam Mishra talks about the amazing feats of engineering built centuries ago by the people of India's Golden Desert to harvest water. These structures are still used today - and are often superior to modern water megaprojects.

Anupam Mishra travels across water-challenged India studying rainwater harvesting methods and learning from the people behind them. He presents his findings to NGOs, development agencies and environmental groups, pulling from centuries of indigenous wisdom that has found water for drinking and irrigation even in extremely arid landscapes through wells, filter ponds and other catchment systems.

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