The American ground water trust - resources on groundwater

The American Ground Water Trust aims to provide accurate information about water resources and water wells to home-owners, teachers, water users, managers, planners, community and state leaders

The American Ground Water Trust is a non-profit education organization, based in the United States. The programmes developed by the trust aim at:

  • Communicating the environmental and economic value of groundwater
  • Showcasing groundwater science and technology solutions
  • Increasing citizen, community and decision-maker awareness
  • Facilitating stakeholder participation in water resource decisions

The American Ground Water Trust website's information section, has many short, introductory and simple technical briefs, about various concepts largely related to groundwater.

The topics covered include:

  • The origins of groundwater
  • The connections between groundwater and rivers and lakes,
  •  Springs
  • Aquifers
  • Wells
  • Groundwater contamination,
  • Water filtration,
  • Watersheds,
  • Groundwater recharging

The website also includes information on groundwater educational programmes, conferences and workshops as well as the American Groundwater Trust Newsletter

The website can be accessed from this link





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