3 day training course on rope pump in Tamil Nadu

Forwarded to the Portal by: AR. Natarajan, Ekoventure


Green Post Tsunami Action is a project working on improving livelihoods in 60 coastal villages of Tamil Nadu through ecologically sustainable rehabilitation of communities from the tsunami damages and through achieving better preparedness against future natural disasters.

The Multi Piston Pump , popularly known as the Rope Pump , is made of locally available materials and it can be maintained easily by the users. The basic elements of a Rope Pump are an endless rope with conical shaped pistons or flat round shaped pistons made of rubber at every meter. The rope with pistons is rotated by means of a wheel. In this way water is lifted between the pistons to the surface.

The pump can supply water from depths of 1 m to 35 m and can be a sustainable solution for getting drinking water to villages where fresh water is available in shallow aquifers. It can also be used for pumping up water for irrigation. With new design inputs and modern material the Rope Pump has become very efficient.

A 3 day training course
is being conducted on the production, installation and O & M of the rope pump.

Under the project, so far 60 rope pumps (one in each village) have been installed and functioning effectively to cater the drinking water needs of the local community. It is proposed to organise a training programme promote this simple technology .


The training course is being organized under the Green Post-Tsunami Action (GPTA) project funded by the European Commission and implemented by the lead NGO, Humana People to People India (HPPI) in partnership with Ekoventure, a local NGO and Practica Foundation from The Netherlands in 60 coastal, agricultural and fishing villages of Tamil Nadu in Cuddalore, Villupuram, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur Districts.

The training course is designed in such a way that the participants are provided with hands on training in all aspects of production, installation and O & M of the rope pump. The participants will have very good opportunity to learn by practically doing each and every step involved in the process.

The training course consists of interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, field trips, group works and group discussions side by side.

3 days from 23rd to 25th September 2008

Venue: In Puducherry & Villupuram District, Tamilnadu (will be intimated later)

Course Costs:

The course will be offered at a nominal charge of Rs.1,500 (Rupees One thousand and five
hundred only).

The project will provide boarding and accommodation for the entire duration of three days, arrange for field trips and supply of course materials like handouts, literature and manual.


To register for the course, please contact at k.gaur@humana-india.org or ekoventure@dataone.in

For more information: Three Day Training - Rope Pump




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