What kind of pump to install for a borewell of 230 feet and 1 inch water ?

Please help me to choose the correct water pump for a borewell upto 230 ft.deep and 4.5" in diameter. The water was found at 105 ft and 150 feet and supply was of 1" .

We recently had a 4.5 inch diameter boring in our house for domestic use. The technician dug the borewell upto a depth of 230 feet, after which he said boring can not be carried out further.About 1 inch of water supply was found at a depth of 150 feet. The casing i.e the pipe which is provided upto the rocks, is of 77 feet in length and 4.5 inches in diameter. We have to install a 1000 litre tank on the roof top which is 15 feet from the ground level and about 15 meters away from the borewell. Please help me to get the correct pump installed and precautions to be taken aslo the water that we can expect per day.