Suitable technology for purification of borewell water for an apartment complex in Pune,Maharashtra


We are an apartment of 80 flats in Pune. We use borewell water for non-drinking purposes. Our corporation has given a report that the borewell water is not potable, hence we do not use this water for drinking. For drinking purpose we use corporation supplied water. Individual flats have their own water filters for drinking water.

Borewell water is stored in the ground level tank and then it is pumped up to the overhead tank from where it is supplied to each flat. This water is only used in bathrooms. 

In this respect, I would like to ask about the various methods of filtering the water which is stored in ground tank. We need very basic filtering process, which should be easy to use, economical and safe. Daily requirement for the purified water would be around 45,000 litres and would be used for all purposes other than drinking. 

A water quality test was carried out and the results are as follows: 

Colour : Hazen

Total Dissolved Solids : 508 mg/l

Turbidity: <0.1 NTU

pH : 7.3

Total Alkalinity (as CaCo3) : 252 mg/l

Chlorides (as Cl) : 45.99 mg/l

Sulphates (as SO4) : 28.76 ml/l

Nitrates (as NO3) : 10.63 mg/l

Total Hardness (as CaCo3)) : 256 mg/l

Iron (as Fe) : 0.094 mg/l

Free Residual Chlorine: 0 mg/l

Total Coliforms : 29 CFU/ml

E. Coli (Qualitative) : Absent

Kindly consider the test report and our uses as mentioned and do recommend a suitable water purifying process. 

Thanks and regards,

Shishir V