Selection of Pump set for Bore Well

Need a 4 STAR Rated Pump Set

I dug a bore well of 270 feet depth. Only 45 feet is filled with pipe. No inner is erected after 45 feet. They told me no need of it because the rock is strong. Water spots are found at 93 feet and 125 feet. So they digged to 270 feet for maximizing the occupying capacity of the well. They told me that only 1000 liters of water can be lifted from the well per day (500 Liters at morning and 500 at evening) by using 1.5 HP compressor motor. Water level is 30 feet below from ground level. Now the problem is electricity board only allowing 4 star rating pump set promoting energy efficiency. For compressor pump there is no 4 star rating . Can I use submersible instead of compressor pump ? Is there any choice of mono block compressor pump? Is this mono block pump having 4 star rated and can lift water from 270 feet? Please help me...