Reverse osmosis - A boon or bane in the present day water quality arena


How sustainable is this technology if we consider the ecosystem approach? I know this is best possible technology available when we one has to treat multiple water quality problems at one go and also aware that there are various options available to treat the waste water generates from the process but on the ground I hardly find it in use! 

Now it is increasing in use, to provide safe drinking water as the problem of water quality is huge. But I am wondering if we let the waste water remain untreated: will not be there problems as this waste water containing high concentrations of chemicals will destroy the ground water aquifer or the eco-system?? 

I know many of members will not agree with me as the water quality problem is huge and everyday thousands of people die due to bad quality of water. Butt again as a citizen and working in the development field we just cannot ignore the environmental impact. If we do not take necessary corrective measures at present, we will definitely have problems in future which is irreparable. 

Therefore I request the members/experts in this field to provide me the valuable suggestions/ practical experiences if any especially with R.O. Plants for providing safe drinking water and its waste disposal mechanisms with any case studies.

 Mr.M.Manoj Kumar