Re-using an old bore well

Re-using an old borewell...

I am a resident of an apartment block in Bangalore. We had a borewell that had dried up a few years ago . The existing pump also does not work.

Recently due to water harvesting efforts we have noticed water levels rising in the surrounding area . Encouraged by this we are looking into the option of re-using this old borewell. We have recently carried out the camera inspection of the borewell and found that it has been indeed revived and has a confirmed source. However the only drawback is that it was only dug up to 250 feet and has a single water source. The water also seems a little dirty probably because it was not used in a long time. Before investing into a new pump for this borewell had a few queries which hopefully some members can answer :

1) We wanted to pump out the water for a few days to test if it was worthwhile investing in it. Is there anywhere I can get a pump on hire for a few days to try this out ?

2) Where can I get the water tested to see if it is fit for consumption ?