Failed borewell in Jakatwadi, Maharashtra - What are the options available?


 I am quite confidant that my bore well is a failure but to benefit all other member I am posting this problem again.

My bore well details:

  • Total drilling - 282 feet
  • Casing used - 30 feet
  • Water found at - 35 - 40 feet till 70 feet
  • Mud Slurries found at - 120 - 150 & 200 -220 feet
  • Beyond 220 feet - only dust was coming out.
  • Flushed the bore well with approximately 1500-2000 liters of water twice using the drill bar

Condition after 24 hours: The water level was only 30-40 feet from the bottom of the well. The water level didn't changed even after 48 , 72 hours. In fact even after a week. I was little surprised because we struck water at 40 feet but none of the water is getting stored. I guess all the water pores found at 40 feet are not properly opened. 

The failure prompted me to think about new ideas and I went ahead and explore my well with high resolution night LED camera to see if there are any running water pores. This is what I found through camera:

Thin layer of water falling at the depth mentioned above - but no major pores.

Few drops of water were falling from above - don't know from where they were coming?

Checked the bore with camera till 200 feet

 So my questions to all the members are:

What should I do in future to avoid this kind of failure? Whether I should hire technician or go with Water Diviner to find the right spot. FYI - The water diviner which we use for this bore well told us that there will be plenty of water to irrigate your total 2 acres of land.

If I decide to go for another bore well, what are things I should look for? Example - Fast drilling vs slow drilling, how many feets of casing pipe should I use? When should I stop drilling? How to make sure flushing is done properly, if the casing is broken while drilling, should I ask them to replace etc...

These are few of the doubts which I have in my mind and am sure that every person who wants to drill well should have similar questions. I request sincerely to this forum to help me out in identifying the best practices which I can follow for drilling successful bore well.

Thanks again for all the support.