Direct Borewell Recharge questions

Questions regarding directly recharging the borewell by letting the rain water directly

Hello Team, I live in an apartment and we have a borewell located in a corner of the plot. Since the gap between the compound and constructed building is about 2 feet, there is hardly any space for digging recharge pit. The borewell is currently active and about 200 ft depth. Though during summer the water went down lowering the yield, it never failed completely. It is the only source of water currently for the entire apartment. The idea is to filter rain water collected from the terrace and clean up using either rainy filter or popup filter + activated carbon filter and then let it directly to the borewell. I see different opinions on this topic. Some say yes and some say no. I guess the point is not to contaminate the ground water or the deep aquifers. I get that and thats why two filters were done before letting in to the borewell pipe. Few opinions I read was about not to use an active borewell. My questions a) Can we use the filter mentioned and use a direct recharge method? b) What are the risk involved in this process? At any cost I do not want to screw up the active borewell, since it is the only source for water for us. c) If this method not recommended then what are other alternatives to recharge the ground water using collected rain water? Thanks