Arsenic problem in West Bengal - Need immediate action


 I have been worrying for over a decade about the inevitable sufferings of millions of human and animal populations suffering from Arsenic poisoning due to water contamination promoted by indescriminate interactions of man with nature in lifting water from the deeper and deeper bowels of the  Mother Earth.
The University where I studied 45 years ago have conducted research on how to use
Nano-technology to remove arsenic from drinking water.
I wonder if the NGO organisations and academicians of great Universities of West
Bengal have taken any interest in resolving this most serious public health hazard.
If they have not so far taken any positive steps to resolve this menacing health hazard that is causing avoidable suffering from cancer among lakhs and lakhs of people and cattle both in west Bengal and Bangladesh, are there any more social workers or patriots who can come forward to file a public interest litigation case by appealing to the Judges of the Supreme Court or local High court to direct the state to immediately take action to protect the Poisoned Water resources under Art.51A[g] of the  Indian constitution?
Can the common people of West Bengal approach the local Law College academicians including the West Bengal state Law University to rise up to the occasion and help save mankind and Nature in West Bengal and Bangladesh?
Prof.T.Shivaji Rao,
Director,Centre for Environmental studies,
Gitam University,visakhapatnam.A.P.state.
phones:0 891-2504902