The techie (Apurva Kothari) who quit his job to help poor farmers

Article and image courtesy: Rediff 
Apurva Kothari at his Mumbai home-office

Meet Apurva Kothari, who decided to let go of his cushy job in the Silicon Valley and has now started up an eco-friendly and fair-trade t-shirt company in India.

A little over three years ago Apurva Kothari he heard about farmer suicides in the cotton belt in India.

Kothari's was a typical story -- an engineer from India going to the US to complete his Master's programme, staying back and making the big bucks. He was married to his college sweetheart and it seemed like they were indeed living the American dream.

When Kothari began reading about farmer suicides in India's cotton belt and something told him he should be making a difference.

Kothari had already begun switching to a more eco friendly (or sustainable) lifestyle -- using local produce, wearing eco-friendly clothes etc. but he of all people knew this was not enough.

If he really wanted to make a difference to his countrymen he would have to return home. And that was what he did.

A year after he returned to India, Apoorva Kothari started working on creating a t-shirt brand that would not just be eco friendly but also wouldn't exploit the farmers in the country.

It has been about four months since No Nasties has been launched along with his business partner Diti Kotecha.

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