Tailored to suit businesses in India, the Awards recognise companies that have successfully instituted sustainability in some element of their business.
10 to 11Dec
The 2013 International Year on Water Cooperation calls on leaders to bring water to center stage, acting as the basis in which to establish stronger ties between nations, states and communities.
To utilize photo creativity to raise awareness of significance of ecological elements of our mother earth- air, water, soil.
7 to 8Jan
An NGO involved in community development focusing on disaster risk management, is organizing this international conference, in collaboration with Japan Foundation.
An initiative to debate and set in motion few concerted and proactive actions to address national water scenario with due attention.
An event towards informing public opinion on Amritmahal Kavals, the traditional grazing pastures in the Deccan Plains of Karnataka, through conversations and debates.
16 to 19Dec
A friendly and inspiring platform for ecologists to present and discuss their work, exchange ideas, and even strike up collaborations with contemporaries across the country.
5 to 6Dec
Celebrating a decade of digital inclusiveness awarding some of the extremely magnificent ICT initiatives in 12 categories of Agriculture, Ecology, Governance, Health, etc.
Water is sacred across religions, time and place; discover the core of this magical element with the second edition of Manthan.
The report reflects the recommendations that emerged from earlier discussions and contains brief essays by several participants on their perspectives on urban water management.
An international day of action that aims to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge.
18 to 20Nov
Seminar aims to create an overall awareness about Disaster Management and to develop an understanding regarding curriculum requirements among the educators.
15 to 18Dec
The central idea is that the humans are facing the challenge of environment degradation with social injustice & anti-nature agriculture based on chemical and GM (Genetically Modified) technology.
30 to 3Jan to Feb
The theme for the festival is mainstreaming biodiversity conservation at different levels to promote living in harmony with nature.
14 to 16Nov
To increase awareness and understanding of Water Safety Plan (WSP) and Household Water Treatment and Storage (HWTS) , to provide safe drinking-water at point of consumption.
Call for participation with an aim of raising awareness and spreading appreciation for migratory freshwater fishes and riverine ecosystems in India.
22 to 24Mar
To address the issues of natural resources conservation, integrated watershed management, management of various ecosystems with reference to northern region of India.
9 to 14Dec
A workshop on isotope based techniques to understand the entire hydrological and hydro-geochemical processes to help solve problems related to management of natural resources.
1 to 4Dec
The conference will bring together stakeholders from the Hindu Kush Himalayan region and beyond to foster regional partnerships for transformative change.