21 to 25Mar
The workshop/ training programme on groundwater aims to provide a platform for the participants to acquire knowledge about current technological developments in the field of groundwater.
14 to 16Feb
The conference will focus attention on how the state has managed and strengthened the Bhoj Wetland which provides the residents of Bhopal their daily drinking water.
Monitor Inclusive Markets will be holding a series of open conference calls to discuss the key findings of their white paper titled 'A Market Led, Evidence Based, Approach to Rural Sanitation'.
24 to 28Mar
The conference invites practitioners from civil society, government and industry, donors and academics to share learnings, build on existing WASH dialogues and establish global networks.
The objective of the conference is to map the scope, issues, challenges, importance and benefits of New-Water cooperation amongst the stake holders.
18 to 20Feb
Science Fair and Seminar is the part of the project 'Awareness, Motivation, and Providing Safe Drinking Water Programme through Saviour Technology Solar Power in Tripura'.
12 to 13Feb
Through this workshop, WASSAN aims to spread the message of collective action for improving the groundwater management and governance in Andhra Pradesh
28 to 30Mar
30 selected delegates from around the country will embark on a life changing journey to Singrauli, the Energy Capital of India for exploring rural life and livelihood.
The aim of this walk is to bring about a water usage & sanitation awareness (especially the Public Toilet Culture) among the residents of Bangalore.
The training programme aims to introduce and impart engineering skills to participants for design and implementation of simplified sewer system.
The celebration will document all that must be known in the relationship between nature and the Tamil society, centering on the five Tamil land formations.
The focus of the workshop will be hydrological connectivity, climate change, ecosystem services and livelihoods with reference to Deepar Beel, Kamrup (Metro) District, Assam.
31 to 5Aug to Sep
A unique forum for the exchange of views, experiences and practices between the scientific, business, policy and civic communities.
31 to 1Jan to Feb
The theme for the seminar is 'Securing our Water future', where the aim is to focus on various water related issues and suggest possible solutions.
24 to 25Jan
A national conference on the subject of water supply and sewerage systems with focus on pipe materials, construction techniques, life cycle costs and related aspects.
9 to 11Jan
This exhibition on water and wastewater management offers a perfect platform for end-users, manufacturers, distributors & dealers to interact with leading companies & associations.
Tailored to suit businesses in India, the Awards recognise companies that have successfully instituted sustainability in some element of their business.
10 to 11Dec
The 2013 International Year on Water Cooperation calls on leaders to bring water to center stage, acting as the basis in which to establish stronger ties between nations, states and communities.
To utilize photo creativity to raise awareness of significance of ecological elements of our mother earth- air, water, soil.
7 to 8Jan
An NGO involved in community development focusing on disaster risk management, is organizing this international conference, in collaboration with Japan Foundation.