17 to 19Nov
The media workshop will focus on imparting knowledge to journalists on climate change effects and adaptation in the eastern Himalayas.
28 to 2Sep to Oct
The five-day certificate course will provide an intensive training on mobile-based Android module and desktop-based Qunatum GIS module.
20 to 21Nov
VIII WAC is aimed to bring together experts and specialists in food, water, climate change and energy, development partners, civil societies, academia, and environmentalists.
26 to 7Oct to Nov
The purpose of Water Futures II is to develop better informed public discourse on the issues related to water management
IndiaCSR will be holding the first nation-wide India Sanitation Summit to bring together various stakeholders to connect and collaborate on innovative projects and products in the sanitation sector.
9 to 13Oct
The five day training course will help you learn more about the BioSand water filters that are simple, eco-friendly and low cost household technology to treat water
29 to 1Sep to Oct
The three day training course aims to provide training on solar pumping systems to grassroot officials of the nodal departments and other related stake holders
The programme is designed to impart knowledge about the Corporate Social Responsibility Act and aims to develop trained and certified CSR professionals in the country
30 to 4Jun to Jul
The five-days programme will focus on planning and designing of rainwater harvesting and decentralized waste water treatment systems
The Programme aims to build core competencies among students, researchers, policy makers and professionals to face challenges in managing water resources
23 to 27Jul
The two NGOs are organising the five-day training course for social leaders in fabricating Bio Sand water filters that can remove upto 99% impurities
16 to 1Jun to Jul
The training and facilitation on basic hydrogeology is meant to enhance civil society's capabilities in watershed and groundwater management
FSM3 is organized by the World Smart Capital Initiative, a non-profit organization that provides a platform for partner cities on social and sustainable urban innovation
Competition for journalists who have done original investigative stories on water supply, sanitation or hygiene related issues and their impact on individual and country development
10 to 13Jun
The course aims to equip concerned citizens, decision makers and administrators with an ecological perspective, understanding of the interconnected working of ecosystems and the ecosystem services.
The forum will bring into light various decentralized approaches for wastewater treatment from a technical perspective.
14 to 16Jul
The training programme aims to increase awareness on alternative sanitation by focusing on the agricultural, social, economic and financial aspects of EcoSan.
18 to 19Jul
CWS–SuGWM and VRUTTI-EU-IWRM calls for contribution to the compendium with an objective of capturing best practices and disseminating widely for the benefit of all development workers.
16 to 19Jun
The training program is specially designed for young people who wish to work or are working on water related issues, and want to expand and deepen their knowledge and understanding about water.