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Drinking water: Access does not mean safety
Concerned with contaminated water sources in rural areas, the Centre plans to provide piped water supply (classified as an improved water source by the WH
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Bee in safe hands
Studies suggest that bees are disappearing at a rapid rate in India. Should we be worried? The disappearance of bees has particularly alarming implications for human existence. Honey bees play a very important role in preserving the biodiversity of nature.
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Romancing the Ganga
The Ganges, the most revered river in India, faces an unusual predicament. Pollution and excessive usage have turned it into a toxic sludge as it snakes its way through cities, industrial hubs and millions of devotees.
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Threatened by urbanisation, doomed by restoration
Pashan lake, the pride of Pune, is dying! Water hyacinth continues to invade the lake and pollution levels in the lake are high, threatening its once rich biodiversity. How did this happen?
aarti kelkar kh...  posted 1 month 2 weeks ago

Tackling encephalitis: The sanitation connect
Gorakhpur is back in the news with 42 more children dying in 48 hours at one of the biggest hospitals here--Baba Raghav Das Medical College Hospital or BRD hospital.
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What do rural women say about sanitation?
Does gender matter when it comes to sanitation? Apparently, it does.
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What ails Indian farmers
Over the last few months, we saw protests by distressed farmers of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and other states over farming crisis and farmer suicides.
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What we should know about National Water Commission
The landmark report titled A 21st century institutional architecture for India's water reforms submitted by the expert committee chaired by Dr Mihir Shah on restructuring the
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In conversation with nature
“There is a special type of black ant that is visible just before and during heavy rains. They start coming out in large numbers with their eggs in their mouths and only travel in a straight line, like a railway track,” says Chandrika Mahato when asked how he predicts rains and floods.
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Ken-Betwa river link approved
Forest panel clears Ken-Betwa river link
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Nainital lake drying up, human activities to blame
Nainital lake is drying up, environmentalists concerned
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