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Sacred groves, the water wizards of Uttarakhand
Sacred groves are undisturbed or preserved patches of vegetation or forested areas located on the outskirts of villages, towns or plains that are conserved by communities by dedicating them to local folk deities or ancestral spirits.
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The art of saving a river
River Mutha, the pride of Pune, lovingly called 'Muthai' or 'mother Mutha', is dying a slow death, thanks to the rapidly urbanising city which is depositing huge amounts of untreated sewage and dirt in its water. The pollution of the river is consistently rising.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - Grasslands
This is a simple guide that lists out the most popular questions related to grasslands, to understand what they are and their ecological significance. Please click on a topic for detailed information.
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Desertification: Not just a North Indian problem
India is highly vulnerable to desertification.
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Maharashtra’s plastic ban: Another missed opportunity?
The recent plastic ban in Maharashtra has opened a can of worms and has raised many uncomfortable questions—about the setting of rules with clarity and foresight, better research to understand the challenges in implementing them and the role of citizens in making it a success.
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The mystery of the monsoon
Monsoon, the season of rains, has a unique place in the heart of the people of India. This passionate burst of showers has been extensively documented, observed and studied by travellers, poets, scientists, farmers and more. Extremely vital for agriculture and survival in India, the monsoon continues to be a mystery. But why?
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Maharashtra may exempt certain plastic items from ban
Maharashtra mulls exemption on 'certain' plastic items following crackdown on plastic
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When solving one health problem triggers another
Up until two decades ago, the main sources of drinking water in Rajasthan included surface water from perennial ponds, reservoirs, lakes, dams, rivers and streams with borewells and tubewells used sparingly and only in remote areas. All this changed when guinea worm infections started appearing in the state. 
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Teesta: Stuck between conflict and cooperation
River Teesta originates at Tso Lamo, Sikkim, flows through West Bengal and then enters the Rangpur division in Bangladesh.
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Not a drop to waste
The pressure on the water resources in India is on the rise. The available water resources in the country are highly variable. For example, the average annual rainfall in India varies considerably from one region to another; it is as high as 1000 cm in the Northeast and as low as 10 cm in western Rajasthan.
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Colour suitable for a water tank
Hello, I just want to know which colour is best suited for a water tank, black or white? Thanks
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Difficulty in operating a submersible pump
Hi, We have an query regarding compression pump / submersible pump for domestic use in our native place. We have shallow installed which is currently working via Hand pump. The shallow / bore well is 600 feet deep, with 70 - 80ft 4in pipe and remaining 520-530 ft in 2in pipe. During summer water levels go below 70 ft. This makes the handpump very difficult to operate.
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Sharing water, reaping benefits
Agriculture is of central importance to India’s economy with more than half of the workforce in the country depending on it for their livelihoods. However, it is increasingly being threatened due to climate-change-induced changing rainfall patterns and water scarcity having a negative impact on production.
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Is your bottled water safe to drink?
It is a fairly common practice among people to buy bottled drinking water while travelling in India with the hope that it will minimise the risk of getting ill due to contaminated water. But is this water safe to drink?
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Information about sewage treatment plant designs
Dear Sir,
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IFAT India 2018 - India's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Solid Waste and Recycling,October 15 -17, 2018.
On the completion of five successful consecutive editions of IFAT India, IFAT India has now established itself as India's leading trade fair for Water, Sewage, Solid Waste and Recycling. This show will provide opportunities to the attendees to display their products, technologies and new innovations in front of potential customers and to meet with key decision makers and partners.
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Tackling climate change in Maharashtra
On the eve of the World Water Day, Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR), made a presentation to the members of the Maharashtra Legislature. The presentation was a part of an event titled Tackling Climate Change in Maharashtra that was presided over by the chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis.
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Creating art from waste
Cities like Pune are in the midst of a garbage crisis. There is garbage strewn all over which is not just unsightly, it is also found to be polluting the city's water resources.
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Information regarding equipment needed for a bottled water plant
Hello Sir, I want to set up water bottling plan in Shrivardhan district. Could you please advise on the equipment needed for setting up the plant? Nitin Darge E mail:  
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