Members of the national disaster response force evacuate residents of a flooded village in Bihar. (Source: NDRF)
The prime ministers of the two countries, Netanyahu and Modi at Olga beach to attend a demonstration of Israeli mobile water desalination technology. 06/07/2017 Photographer- Kobi Gideon/ GPO
Water hyacinth. Image courtesy India Water Portal.
Dengue mosquito. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
A view of the dew harvesting plant at Kothara.
2015–16 Fluoride data of Remuna, Balasore, Odisha
Yamuna river in Delhi (Source: Sudhanshu Malhotra via IWP Flickr Photos)
Hospital wastewater can be dangerous to the environment. (Source: IWP Flickr photos--photo used for representation only)
Photo of pollution-absorbing nanosponge courtesy of Jeff Fitlow/Rice University
Children gather around Ashvath Singh as he demonstrates hydrogeology.
A view of the Himalayas. (Source: IWP Flickr photos--photo for representation purpose only)
Aquagenx Basic Field Kit
Ken river gorge (Source: By Syed Zohaibullah,
Sanitation plays an important part in preventing encephalitis. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Building bye-laws mandate that builders adhere to environmental norms and install energy-saving mechanisms like solar installations, water harvesting and waste recycling methods.


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