Aquagenx Basic Field Kit
Ken river gorge (Source: By Syed Zohaibullah,
Sanitation plays an important part in preventing encephalitis. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Building bye-laws mandate that builders adhere to environmental norms and install energy-saving mechanisms like solar installations, water harvesting and waste recycling methods.
Conservation is the way out of water crisis. (Source: IWP Flickr photos)
Mangrove nursery (Source: India Water Portal)
A man wades through knee-deep water with his belongings. (Source: 101Reporters)
Kachner Tanda. (Source: WOTR)
Parts of Gopalganj district in Bihar remain submerged. (Photo by Manoj Pandey)
The gram panchayat office of the Golegaon village where all the action takes place. (Source: 101Reporters)
Five-star hotels under construction backdrop the Dhapa vegetable patch.
Described as 'the temple of resurgent India', Bhakra displaced many people.


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