Researchers collect samples at Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu. (Photo courtesy: India Science Wire)
Village women collect water for toilet use. (Photo by India Water Portal)
Sembakkam lake currently spans across a 100 acres in South Chennai. (Picture courtesy: Care Earth Trust)
Better weather services to benefit farmers. (Pic courtesy: Rajarshi Mitra/Wikimedia Commons)
Operation of sluice outlet of Siliserh lake is marked by chaos and conflict among various interest groups.
Two new systems to soon make weather forecasts more accurate. (Source: IWP Flickr photos)
Efforts are underway to conserve hanguls. (Photo courtesy: Intesar Suhail, ISW)
Various trees respond differently to air pollution. (Source: IWP Flickr photos)
Rag pickers who search for recyclable garbage keep India’s cities cleaner. (Pic courtesy: Paryavaran Mitra)
Women of Bagledi struggle to get a pot of drinking water from one of the four stand posts.(Pics: India Water Portal)
Coral Montipora Digitata. (Pic courtesy: ISW)
Yamuna in Delhi (Image: Wikimedia commons)
Water needs to be managed efficiently. (Image Source: India Water Portal)


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