Damini Minj cycles long distance to collect water from Aiba basti. (Pic courtesy: Gurvinder Singh)
Polar regions affect the climate of the entire planet. (Pic source: Pixabay)
Stepwell in front of Khedamata temple at Modi village. (Source: India Water Portal)
Tribal and poverty hotspots coincide with climate hotspots. (Pic courtesy: Yann, Wikimedia Commons)
Bhaag Nadi Bhaag
A child drinks water from a hand pump. (Image Source: IWP Flickr photos)
Village disaster management committee has built sand and boulder spurs to deflect floods at spots where bank erosion takes place. (Pic courtesy: GEAG)
Public hearing for Jakhol Sankri hydropower project did not take consent of affected communities on a sensitive issue that impacts their lives. (Picture courtesy: Vimal Bhai)
The Teesta, upstream of the Gajaldoba barrage in West Bengal. (Image Source: Gauri Noolkar-Oak)
Chicu with a pan used in ecosan toilet. (Photo courtesy: Chicu Lokgariwar)
A man sits under the scorching heat of the sun in front of Amer fort in Jaipur. The city landscape is now dominated by heat trapping materials that prevent its cooling through evapotranspiration. (Picture courtesy: Prabhu B Doss, Flickr Commons: CC-By-NC-ND-2.0)
Sawdust from teak wood is found to be useful in removing gentian dye. (Source: IWP Flickr photos, photo used for representation only)
Clean road near Pardesipura, Indore. (Source: India Water Portal)


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