Govind Ram Jat and his team from Rajasthan.
Landfills are a threat to the environment. (IWP Flickr photos; photo used for representation only)
River Rongyoung which is sacred to the Lepchas is not yet dammed.
Gottigere residents gather to clean the lake.
India’s forest cover stands at 21.54 percent while its dense forest cover is about 12.26 percent, as per the State of Forest Report, 2017. (Image: Tridib Choudhury, Wikimedia commons, CC BY SA-4.0)
Many villages look deserted due to mass migration of villagers to cities for jobs. Houses are abandoned and are getting ruined due to nonuse.
Yuvraj Singh, a former sarpanch of Kaudikasa near the tube well reported to have the highest level of arsenic contamination.
The current models for monsoon prediction do not always show perfect results due to the intricacies of the monsoon dynamics.
Phytoremediation principle is used to convert Hauz Khas lake into a water purifying wetland ecosystem. (Image: Tarun Nanda)
Scientists say ancient eclipse records in epigraphical inscriptions can help us understand climate change in historical time scales.
Researchers at the Dholavira site.
The team of scientists from the National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms (NCIM) who are conducting the study at the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.
The entrance of the CG government's culture and tourism exhibition venue at Rajim kumbh 2018.
Amita and Nandan have started a unique enterprise, Aarohana, that turns plastic from garbage into useful products.


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