Station-wise daily rainfall data for all districts of Rajasthan from 1973-2008

Posted on February 11, 2010 - 17:32
A district wise, station level, daily rainfall data from 1973-2008 of Rajasthan in a spreadsheet format

Rajasthan Rain - RKRBThe Water Resources Department of the Government of Rajasthan, has made available, station-level, daily rainfall data from 1973-2008, for all districts of Rajasthan, on its website.

In order to make this data of better value to end-users, the India Water Portal has extracted and made this data available in a district-wise spreadsheet format, which you can download with a single click.

While extracting the data, we observed some discrepancies in the master data on the website. These notes can be viewed here.

The India Water Portal has taken the best possible efforts to ensure that the data has been extracted correctly from the Government of Rajasthan website. However, if you notice any errors in the extracted data in these spreadsheets vis-a-vis the data in the website, please drop us a mail at, and we will verify and correct it immediately. If you notice any errors in the master data itself on the website, let us know too, and we will communicate these to the Government of Rajasthan.

As and when successive years' data is added by the Government of Rajasthan, we will extract and add these to the spreadsheets. Do watch this page for further updates !

Download all districts' data compressed into one file (available in both ODS and XLS formats)

Govt of Rajasthan-WR Dept_Daily Rainfall Data_1973-2008 (ODS Format - 13.4 MB)

Govt of Rajasthan-WR Dept_Daily Rainfall Data_1973-2008 (XLS Format - 18.9 MB)

Download individual districts' data (available in both ODS and XLS formats)

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