E-Water Harmoniser: A natural water softener

A natural water softener to soften hard water that can be used in industries, households, agriculture and lake cleaning.
Natural water softener/conditioner - E-Water Harmoniser
Natural water softener/conditioner - E-Water Harmoniser

E-Water Harmoniser (EWH) is a simple solution for all hard water related problems with zero water wastage and zero maintenance once installed. It has umpteen benefits for domestic, industrial as well as agricultural purposes. It does not require any salts, chemicals, magnets or electricity. It has multiple benefits including complete stoppage of hard scaling and reversal of existing scaling on taps, pipes, geysers and solar panels. The improved life of the membranes within the RO plant completely mitigates the use of salts within the RO plant or acids to clean the overhead tanks and sumps. The RO wastage (discharge) water can now be used for and utility purposes. The softening of water improves the oxidation and surface tension of water thereby improving the condition of the plants. Another advantage of softened water is better lathering when used with soap and better feel of clothes once washed. It can also prevent the growth of algae and keep the water fresh. It is easy to install, has zero maintenance, it is available in all sizes and applicable in all fields. Kindly revert to get more details about the product through an e-brochure. Request you to get in touch with us for further inquiries.

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