Coastal zone management - Department of Ecology and Environment (Government of Karnataka) (1991)

This document describes the Karnataka coastal zone management plan and the details of the authorities involved in the implementation of the plan.

The central government has declared the coastal stretches of seas, bays, estuaries, creeks, rivers and back waters which are influenced by tidal action (in the landward side) up to 500 mts. from the High Tide Line (HTL) and the land between the Low Tide Line (LTL) and the HTL as “Coastal Regulation Zone” (CRZ), on 19.2.1991.

The coastal regulation zone has been classified as CRZ-I, CRZ-II and CRZ-II in the state for the purpose of regulation of the permitted activities.

The document goes on to describe the:

  • Karnataka state coastal zone management plan
  • Details of the Karnataka state coastal zone management authority
  • District Coastal zone management committees

Original document can be viewed here on the Department of Ecology & Environment website

Download the document:


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